Northwest Indiana Industrial Laborers Wanted.

Essential Job Functions and Requirements Below.


• Following safety instructions, rules, and regulations
• Prepares surfaces using industrial materials and machinery
• Abrasive blasting with high pressure hoses/nozzles and other tools
• Performs a variety of routine, non-machine tasks, such as installing and removing containment systems/tarps, rigid containment, erecting scaffolding, fall protection systems, and safety barriers in line with “safe work procedure”
• Painting , conventional, and airless spray equipment, brushes, and rollers
• Lifting, carrying, and holding building materials, tools, and supplies
• Mixing, applying paints and solvents using hand and power tools
• May use some machinery such as paint pumps, blast pots, recyclers, tele-handlers/forklifts, aerial boom lifts, scissor lifts, and other power tools / equipment
• Work at heights
• Work in tight and/or confined spaces
• Install and/or dismantle ventilation systems
• Will be transferred from task to task as the project progresses to completion
• Cleaning tools, equipment, materials, and work areas
• May be called on to clean down manufacturing & paint equipment with solvents and power washer


. Considerable attention required to prevent injury to self and others when working on ladders, scaffolds, and other elevated work areas.

• Physically stand or walk, stoop, kneel, crouch, and crawl for long periods
• Use arms and hands to reach for, handle, and manipulate objects
• Lift, carry, push, and pull materials weighing 50 to 125 pounds
• Climb up and down ladders, stair towers, and scaffolds
• Have the visual and hearing capacity to perform work without harm to self or others
• Must be able to pass requirements of pre-employment testing
• Able to work productively in heat index exposure at or about 112 ̊ F
• Must be able to work productively in cold weather
• Attend work regularly to ensure acclimation to temperature extremes
• Prompt and on time attendance
• Don and perform work wearing air purifying and supplied air respirators and abrasive blast hoods
• Using / wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) including but not limited to full body harness, personal flotation device, tyvek coveralls, safety glasses, hearing protection, etc.
• Reporting injuries and unsafe conditions or work practices to supervisors immediately
• Work well with others
• Actively participating in “toolbox” or “tailgate” safety meetings
• Must have the mental capacity / skill to attain and retain certifications related to the coatings industry
• Be committed to an alcohol and drug free workplace
• Work away from primary residence for long periods of time
• Perform other duties as assigned from time to time by the supervisor
• Industrial experience preferred



I certify that answers/information given herein are true, complete and accurate. I understand that any omission or misrepresentation of information may be sufficient cause for rejection of this application or, if employment has commenced, grounds for immediate dismissal. I authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application for employment as may be necessary in arriving at an employment decision. I hereby authorize any schools that I have attended, current and previous employers, and organizations named in this application to provide NIIL. any information that may be requested to make an employment decision. I hereby specifically waive written notice from any and all former employers regarding their disclosure to NIIL of any information including disciplinary action. I specifically authorize law enforcement agencies to release any records of prior criminal convictions and/or pending felony charges it may have or may obtain from other sources to NIIL. I hereby release NIIL and other agencies from any and all actions and claims that may be sustained by me from the release and use of the information. I understand and agree that in the absence of an express written agreement to the contrary executed by the employer, any employment I accept shall be for an indefinite term and shall be terminable at any time, with or without notice or cause, either by me or at the will and sole discretion of the employer. I have read or had read to me and understand the above statement.

Further, I understand I may be required to have a medical examination after an offer of employment has been made and prior to the commencement of my employment duties. To the extent permitted by law, a favorable result on the medical examination would be a condition of my employment.

I confirm that I have read, understand and agree to the above statement. You must agree to the disclosure statement provided in order for us to accept your application.